Must have android applications for students

Gone are the times when mobile phones were just being used for calling & chatting. With the emergence of newer technologies every day, a student can have access to a wide range of apps that are sure to make life easier than ever before. Android users have infinite apps, though iOS users may not agree. With the evolution of iPhones & ios, android has lost the amount of attention they deserve. Student gets access to a variety of apps that are not only fun but helpful. Here’s a quick rundown of the best student apps.

Google Calendar: This app enables the students to plan things efficiently.

exams calendar appSelf-control for study: Now this is an interesting app, & a useful one too. This app blocks all the other apps, including social media as well, so that one doesn’t get disturbed by the tempting urge to check their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook accounts. If a student gets any login issues while using Paychex Website then you should use the official URL  Paychex Flex website is one of the best providers of human resources and payrolls in the World. Paychex will help students a lot.

Must have android applications for students

Studios: This app puts your cell phone on silent mode instantly & helps you to track your assignments with the aid of your location.

Evernote: This is personally, by far, my most favorite app. Evernote lets you stay organized by taking notes, capturing photos of assignments, creating to-do lists, and even recording voice reminders.

Sling TV: Whenever you need to get some entertainment then Sling TV application is for everyone. Download it from this article now.

Mint: A great app for those unorganized students who spend a lot of money & end of buying nothing. This app keeps a record of your budget & helps you taking financial decisions wisely.

Netflix: When you get bored you should watch some movies and TV Shows.

Alarmy ( Sleep If You Can): This calls for the most annoying Android app. The Army is especially for those students who have difficulty in getting out of the bed in mornings. Unlike our usual alarms, this app switches off the alarm only after you perform certain tasks. For instance, shaking the phone sometimes, or taking a picture of your bathroom sink.

Moovit: If you are new in town, then you should use this app for sure. This gives you the fastest updates of the public transports.

Socrative: This app is for quizzing & assessment purposes.

BenchPrep: This is an app which helps students to prepare for individual exams with the aid of notes, quizzes & more. Here, users can make their revision manageable by tracking their learning process.