Movies Released About College and Students & Scored Well At Box Office

Your early college days are gonna change your personality & point-of-views in numerous ways, ranging from all turmoils to emotional ups & downs. However, there are times when one feels an uncontrollable urge for college entertainment, where he just wants to sit peacefully with movie showings, popcorn & soda. No worries, no pressure on the mind. At this point in time, watching great films to inspire you, make you burst into laughter & help you become a totally different person for a while is only fair.

So here’s a list of the most amazing movies for college students that are a must watch. You can watch all these movies on Android smartphone applications for movies. Share this article with your friends on Whatsapp or Other social messengers available in the market.

Accepted (2006): Accepted is a 2006 comedy film rated 6.5/10. The movie follows a group of high school graduates who, after being rejected from the colleges to which they applied, create their own fake college, S.H.I.T.

still from the theory of everything

The Theory of Everything (2014): Rated 7.8/10.

The plot of the movie revolves around Stephen Hawking’s love life. Stephen later learns that he has motor neuron disease. It was after this that he begins a study of time.

Wonder Boys (2000): Rated 7.4/10. This film is based on Michael Chabon’s novel of the same name. Depicts the journey of a professor & a student.

The Rules of Attraction (2002): Rated 6.7/10. This is an interesting college love drama. It portrays the unusual story of a love triangle between a virgin, a drug dealer & a bisexual classmate.

Legally Blonde (2001): Rated 6.2/10. Now, this is the best college flick ever filmed depicting girl power to a great extent. It takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions that makes it a must watch.

The Great Debaters (2007): Rated 7.6/10, this college drama was based on a true story. The movie revolves around a professor & a group of students who form the school’s first debate team & went on to challenge Harvard. The movies are about the challenges they faced.

Good Will Hunting (1997): Rated 8.3/10, this movie highlights life’s most strange philosophies. It is about a man who can solve every mystery in the whole world but doesn’t know what he wants from life.